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    Jan Hajtó Jan hajto sm medium

    Aesthetic Dentistry is my passion and vocation.

    After having focussed the first 10 years of my professional career predominantly on aesthetic aspects of fixed prosthodontics i realized that the understanding of individual functional parameters is the key for successfully long lasting restorations.  Today i aim for a comprehensive approach to all treatments respecting the patients individual conditions and wishes and by that achieve the best results that contemporary dental art can provide. 

    I feel always honoured when i am invited for lectures, courses or workshops. Feel free to message me, if you want to inquire about availability, topics and fees.

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    Gerhard Werling G2 medium

    My passion in my daily work routine is:

    Doing always researchs, comparing different methods and materials to find the best solution for our patient.

    Help colleagues and dental technician through the "ceramic material jungle". I want to give useful processing tips about: selection, CAD/CAM construction, processing, insertion.

    More keywords to describe my practice priorities:

    Economics, CAD/CAM, Guided Surgery, T-Scan

    Independently from any Company as a "practitioner for practitioners!"

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    Roland Frankenberger Rf medium

    I am Professor and Chairman of the Department of Operative Dentistry and Endodontics, and Vice Dean for Student Affairs in Medicine and Dentistry, Philipps University Marburg, Germany.

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    Newton Fahl, Jr., DDS, MS Fahl portrait medium

    I have been in teaching Adhesive Dentistry with special focus on Composite Resins for the past 25 years.This is an area of expertise that I have a true passion for sharing with colleagues who want to take their direct and indirect composite restorations, both anterior and posterior, to the ultimate level. I hope to be useful in coaching you through this process.

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    Mutlu Özcan Mutlu  zcan 2 medium

    My clinical expertise is on reconstructive dentistry with a particular emphasis on adhesive applications.

    My Research Interests: Dental Biomaterials, Translational Research, Fixed Prosthodontics, Adhesive Dentistry, Minimal Invasive Dentistry.

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    M. Ahlers Pd dr. ahlers referent passbild print medium

    Even before graduating from dental school I always had a special interest in the function of the craniomandibular system. Back then, my fellow students felt this was strange, as they were rather interested in orhter aspects of dentistry, as implants or whatsoever. Today, however, this earyl focus on function and dysfunction leads to an extended experience in respective patients.

    After graduation, I joined the university clinics department for restorative dentistry to gain a broad understanding and compatence in clinical dentistry with a focus in all restorative techniques.

    In research I concentrated on adhesive technique and published my habilitation thesis in this field.

    Besides I was responsible for the TMD-patients of the university hospital´s school of dental medicine for many years.

    In this position I developed or improved a considerable number of techniques in order to improve our diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Maybe my combined functional, restaorative and adhesive background was decisive for the development the technique to restore the occlusion minimally invasively by means of semipermanent (2003) and later by permanent (2009) repositioning onlays.

    This technique works so well in my personal practice that I decided it was time to open up a special centre dedicated for the diagnostics and therapy of TMD-Patients in 2004 - a step I never regretted. In this structure my team and I have improved the techniques I developed at the dental school. In fact, I have published more research and CDE-articles after opening of the CMD-Centre than while working full time at the dental school. Also I revied my current textbook completely in 2011 - the book sold extremely well in meanwhile 4 (German) editions.

    The drawback in this is that I rarely find the time anymore to play the saxophone with our band - something I will try to change in the future...

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    Daniel Edelhoff Portrait presse prof edelhoff medium

    Research fields:

    Adhesive technique, All-ceramic restorations, Full-mouth rehabilitation, Intraoral Scanner, CAD/CAM-Technology, High-density polymers, Build-up of endodontically treated teeth, Implant superstructures.

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    Andras Volom Dsc 0170 resize medium

    I am a curious person. 

    How it works, what makes it fail... my everyday questions...the way how I approach the problems of my profession. 

    Since 2002 I  deal with anterior jigs and masticatory muscle relaxation. A couple of  years later the application of  perioral muscular dysfunction therapy, intraoral antisnoring  and sleep apnea devices completed  this line.

    Modern adhesive dentistry extends our limits.

    Core build-up is a conflict area in current dentistry. What is the optimal size of a build-up, what to do when no ferrule is possible?

    How to use intracanal flexible glass-fiber posts without any additional preparation? How to make the large direct restorations durable with intracoronal fibers?

    Does a reliable technology exist for durable porcelain repairs?

    Besides reinforcement I am deeply interested in the way how humans perceive forms and how we could this knowledge turn into better preparation procedures. 

    If I have to summarize my philosophy: I am interested about function and biomechanics as they act in the human body (no impact remains local) 

    Since 2003 my life would not be complete without organizing congresses and trainings. 

    When it is not dentistry I like to spend my time with my three children and wife and dive in the Adriatic or sail on the lake Balaton.