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dr Andras Volom
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I am a curious person. 

How it works, what makes it fail... my everyday questions...the way how I approach the problems of my profession. 

Since 2002 I  deal with anterior jigs and masticatory muscle relaxation. A couple of  years later the application of  perioral muscular dysfunction therapy, intraoral antisnoring  and sleep apnea devices completed  this line.

Modern adhesive dentistry extends our limits.

Core build-up is a conflict area in current dentistry. What is the optimal size of a build-up, what to do when no ferrule is possible?

How to use intracanal flexible glass-fiber posts without any additional preparation? How to make the large direct restorations durable with intracoronal fibers?

Does a reliable technology exist for durable porcelain repairs?

Besides reinforcement I am deeply interested in the way how humans perceive forms and how we could this knowledge turn into better preparation procedures. 

If I have to summarize my philosophy: I am interested about function and biomechanics as they act in the human body (no impact remains local) 

Since 2003 my life would not be complete without organizing congresses and trainings. 

When it is not dentistry I like to spend my time with my three children and wife and dive in the Adriatic or sail on the lake Balaton.

Expert in

  • Primary: Fiberglass Application
  • Direct Composite Restorations
  • Adhesive Dentistry
  • Function (TMD / CMD)
  • Impression Taking (Conventional)

€25 for simple questions
€75 for complex questions
€150 for case studies
Works as
CEO and dentist Dr Volom Esthetic Dentistry Budapest 1011 Budapest, Fő u. 37/c.
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2005 Ivoclar Dental Progress - Best structured lecture -topic: impressions

2004 Ivoclar Dental Progress - Best overall lecture - topic: visual perception and preparation

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