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My detailed CV

Eric Berger
Dental prosthetist & master craftsman
Passionate about his profession, he defends an approach to high quality of the denture.
After a scientific tray, he obtained a certificate of mastery at the higher National Institute of crafts continued his training in Germany and then createsthe DENTAL-technical-BERGER laboratory in 1989.
The laboratory has become Master Lab VITA develops dentures in the fields ofceramics, combined work, implantology. For each case the close collaboration between the practitioner and the prosthetist has proved to be an unconditional quality factor. Studies of the various techniques of dental ceramic (ceramic-metal, ceramic pressed, computer aided design) have led the laboratory for thecreation of a unique ceramic.
Colorimetry and search for individualization of each case final studies resultedin a specific Concept Art and dental ceramics.