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ZTM Benjamin Votteler (Master Dental Technician) Benjamin Votteler
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"Stay close to Nature"

Working with all Ceramic Systems since 10 years, it´s my passion to copy Nature in the best way possible.

From working close to dentists and having the patients in my Laboratory I have the chance to see every single case we do.This is why I have a lot of experience in the right selection of material or press ingots and a nice layering scheme.

Expert in

  • Primary: Ceramic Layering
  • Surface Texturing
  • CAD Design

€50 for simple questions
€100 for complex questions
€200 for case studies
Works as
Dental Technican
Dentaltechnik Votteler GmbH & Co.KG Arbach ob der Strasse 10, 72793 Pfullingen
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"Best lecture" 2009  ADT ( Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dentale Technologie )

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