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Dan Lazar
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Dan Lazar, graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in 2005 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, followed by many post-graduate trainings in prosthetic and restorative dentistry in Romania and Europe.

From 2007-2009 he was teaching at the Faculty of Dentistry, the Restorative department. Since 2005 is working in a private practice in Oradea, Romania.

The passion of beauty push him to study more about dental photography from technical to art and the aesthetic perception of smile and balance design of anterior region.

Dan Lazar is lecturing in Romania and abroad since 2009 on different topics: direct composite restorations, anterior prosthodontics and dental photography.

Expert in

  • Primary: Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Adhesive Dentistry
  • Dental Photography
  • Direct Composite Restorations

€50 for simple questions
€100 for complex questions
€200 for case studies
Works as
Dental Art str Ady Endre, nr 41, Oradea, Romania email - Tel +40745295817
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