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MDT Sascha Hein
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My main areas of interest today are dental technology, dental material science, dental physics and scientific research in any of these areas. I believe in the values of an evidence based approach and I'm a passionate advocate for the dissemination of scientific knowledge among the international dental technology community. Languages spoken are German, English, French and Italian (basic). 

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  • Primary: Ceramic Layering

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Dental Technican
Dentaltechnik Christ & Hein GmbH Karl-Benz-Strasse 25 86825 Bad Wörishofen
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- Certified Dental Technician, Chamber of Trade, Munich Germany

- Senior Dental Technician Program, Kuwata College Japan

- Certified Master Dental Technician, Chamber of Trade, Freiburg Germany  

- Klaus Kanter Award 2005

- Oral Design Member 2007

- Bio-Emulation Member 2010

- President of Bio-Emulation 2014

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